One Time Activity

  • Provide 3 colour Bins
  • Green for wet, blue for dry and red for reject
  • Create a core team
  • Enforce segregation
  • Based on the quantity of wet waste, space and budget choose the Composting process.
  • After a small training / guidance, start Composting.
  • Few minutes required daily to manage Composting.

Committee Members:

  • Send a letter to all members
  • Form a Core Team of Members (Pref. Children & Ladies)
  • Provide 3 Colour bins to member or ask them to procure
  • Put Segregation Chart at Notice Board and also send a copy to each house.
  • Based on report of Core Team, finalize the Vendor and Composting process.

Core Team:

  • Ensure the segregation is taking place effectively as this is most critical part, ensuring a complete success is very important.
  • Check composting options by few societies & offered by vendors.
  • Submit comparative report of composting process to committee members.
  • Training/ guidance to Housekeeping Staff/ Sweeper – Segregated Waste collection & Disposal.
  • Help in starting the composting process
  • Sell Dry waste to vendor
  • Sell excess compost
  • Amount goes to Society


  • Put segregated waste in 3 Dustbins.
  • Use compost for kitchen gardening if interested
House Keeping Staff/ Sweeper/ Outsourced Agency:
  • Send only Rejected waste to landfills through MCGM
  • Take care of composting activities, daily.
  • Use the compost – Society garden

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