Explain society members about need and urgency of segregation.

Make them aware about the types of waste we are producing.

Download the stickers and posters from our download section and put in on society notice board.

Societies can take printouts and send copies to every flat as well.

Either society should provide or members should buy three coloured bins
  • Green for wet
  • Blue for dry
  • Red for reject

One can put reject in a plastic bag as well.

Its better to put the Sanitary jenkins and such disposables wrapped in a news paper and mark a cross on it.

The most important aspect of segregation is that it should be done at home level only.

The hazardous e-waste should be stored separately and must remain at home. As the quantity of such waste is very less should be disposed of via professional waste management companies on monthly or fortnightly basis.

The house keeping staff should be trained and infrastructure should be provided to manage the segregated waste in main area.

Corporations and elected representatives are providing big coloured bins to every society.

  • The wet waste can go for composting.
  • The Composting system is designed based on quantity of waste , availability of space and budget society has for this activity.
  • The dry waste can be sold or can be given to housekeeping agencies as and incentive.
  • The reject waste should only go to landfill only.

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