Decomposition (breaking down) of organic matter converting it into nutrient rich compost (manure) which is dark and smells like earth.

It’s natural process, reducing the volume of waste by about 70% to 80%.

Method of Composting:

  • Aerobic (with oxygen)
  • Anaerobic (in sealed containers)
  • Vermi Composting
  • Few methods are combination of Aerobic and Anaerobic
  • Electrical Composting (Electrical composting)

Solutions available in Market:

Different vendors are offering various kind of equipment’s based on above methods.

Factors determining the solution are:

  • Quantity of waste

  • Space availability

  • Capital Investment

Advantages of compost manure:

  • Very good for roots of plants

  • Increase nutrients in soil

  • Plants water requirement gets reduced

  • Chemical fertilisers can be avoided

  • Vitamin and minerals content of end product (fruits and vegetables) increases

  • Reduction in Global Warming.