• An Electrical crusher is used to make the wet waste into small pieces.

  • The small piece of waste is then put in to a tumbler.

  • Tumblers are made as per litre capacity.

  • Typically in a 100 litre drum one can put 5kg of shredded wet waste on daily basis.

  • After putting the wet waste one has put bio culture and saw dust.

  • The ration is approximately 90:10 that is 90% of wet waste one has put about 10% of saw dust.

  • The bio culture is requited in a very small quantity.(1gm for 1kg of wet waste)

One can keep adding waste up to 30 days and then has to start using another empty tumbler. By the time the second tumbler gets filled the first tumbler is ready with compost to be emptied out for putting fresh waste.


  • A good Tumbler can be kept in open also.

  • No leachate, no foul smell, no nuggets.

  • It’s easy to use.

  • Moderate maintenance cost.

  • Quality of compost is very good.


  • Saw dust is a recurring cost. (This can be replaced by dry garden waste like leaves etc.)